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  • What is the G-Timer?
    A Lost Golf Ball Timer - G-Timer fits neatly into a pocket ready to perform the essential task of timing a lost golf ball to exactly 3 minutes - avoiding delay and ensuring fair play.
  • How does the G-Timer work?
    The G-Timer should be started once the player who struck the shot (or his partner(s) if playing as a team) reaches the location where the ball was thought to have landed. With just two clicks of the START button, first click is to bring up 180 seconds and second click is to start a countdown. The G-Timer golf timer device can be started without taking it out of the pocket. To reset the device, click once when at zero, or twice (during the countdown) to bring the display back to 180 seconds. The device switches off after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • Are you offering volume discounts for large orders?
    Yes - discounts are applied automatically at the checkout: 2+ 2.5% Discount 5+ 5% Discount 10+ 10% Discount 30+ 20% Discount
  • Do you Licence G-Timer to Partners?
    G-Timer is a brand new golf device, unique, patented and protected, it cannot be copied. The potential market is the 67 million golfers worldwide. It has been developed in the UK and we are seeking partners worldwide to market the device. Please contact

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