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For Golfers Who Have Everything

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The G-Timer is a unique and unusual golf gift for the avid golfer.  A lost Golf Ball Timer made of high quality materials - it fits neatly into a pocket ready to perform the essential task of timing a lost golf ball to exactly 3 minutes - avoiding delay and ensuring fair play.

Cool Golf Gadget Gift Idea


Fine Tune Your Timing With This Unique Cool Golf Gadget

What makes the G-Timer truly unique and cool is its style and convenience.  The instant Golf Timer takes the element of doubt away, challenging golfers to find their lost ball in the regulation time.  This innovative gadget doesn't just provide accurate and accessible  timing; it offers a demonstrable commitment to improving one's courtesy, fairness and game play. 

Gift for Golfers who have everything
Gifts for Golfers who have everything
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Unusual golf prizes - G-Timer


A Golf 3 Minute Timer makes a great prize for your competition

Introducing the "G-Timer" – a cutting-edge prize gadget for any golf tournament or event. This innovative golf ball timing  device blends advanced technology with the game of golf, revolutionizing the way golfers time their lost balls.


As a prize for a golf tournament or event, G-Timer embodies the spirit of competition and the pursuit of courtesy and fair play in the sport.  G-Timer underscores the importance of precision in every aspect of the game. 


This unique and unusual golf gadget not only showcases a commitment to embrace technology but also provides the fortunate recipient with a gadget that can genuinely overcome a common problem in the game.  That of accurately timing a lost golf ball.

Unique birthday gifts for golfers

The Perfect Golf Birthday Gift Idea

A unique and unusual birthday gift for the golfer who has everything.

A 3 minute timer for lost golf balls. 

For the avid golfer who seems to have an impressive collection of clubs, gadgets, and accessories, finding a truly exceptional birthday gift can be quite a challenge.


G-Timer is a remarkable present that is bound to captivate their passion for golf in an entirely novel way.   This distinctive gift comes beautifully presented in a gift box that demonstrates a deep appreciation for the golfer's enthusiasm and an eagerness for the sport they love.

G-Timer -  birthday gift for the golfer who has everything

The Best Golf Timer Gift Idea
G - Timer Specifications

G-Timer - Great ideas for Golf Gifts
G-Timer - The latest gadget for golfers

Long Battery Life

Golfers who have everything demand long battery life for their unique golf gadgets - even if you only need them occasionally - they can be fully relied on.  G-Timer is constructed by watchmakers to exacting quality control standards.

G-Timer - The best Golf gift idea

One button activation

The best golf gift ideas are practical and simple to operate, and convenient to find when needed.   It feels great in the hand, looks the part, has a fully stainless steel casing, a large start button, is completely waterproof.

Gifts for the keen golfer

Silent operation

Highly discrete - the best golf gadgets don't interrupt your round with unexpected noises.

Great gift idea for a keen golfer

Highly portable

The best gifts for golfers should always be light, portable and easy to carry.   No bigger than a golf ball marker it sits ready in the pocket.

A gift for golfers who love gadgets


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Lost golf ball timer - makes an unusual gift
The must have golf gift of 2023

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